For potential students, the particular feel of a college should play a key role in choosing an institution. An area that is often the first contact for potential students is the admissions office. This is an area where several colleges have stepped up and ventured into online social spaces, but they can still do more. A simple mechanism for admissions offices to use in engaging students can be a Facebook group or profile. An example of this is the Behrend College Admissions page on Facebook. The structure of a group on Facebook is fairly self-explanatory and can be populated by student ambassadors and admissions staff to answer questions. Photos of the college and important deadline and “Fast Facts” can help students access information quickly. Groups also have the ability to organize events and this function could certainly be used. One of the often missed opportunities for admissions offices in the use of YouTube to recruit students. Providing a virtual campus tour and Q&A sessions with financial aid, housing, athletics, faculty, etc. can be a great way to reach students who can not make it to campus for a tour. Especially during financially difficult times, the need to learn as much about a school from home is much more salient. An example of an institution that has a substantial web presence, by the nature of the institution, is Carnegie Mellon University. Their YouTube page, CarnegieMellonU has a variety of videos, as well as links to their Facebook, Twitter, and iTunesU pages. While this site is not specifically for admissions, its presence is a marketing tool all together.