An important area of an institution is the Alumni Affairs/ Institutional Development office. Keeping in touch with alumni is important because not only are happy alumni some of the best recruiters, they also provide institutions with funding through annual giving campaigns as well as large gifts. Most college students know that their alma mater will soon be calling, seeking donations. This can sometimes seem burdensome, similar to telemarketing calls. The use of online social media/utilities can make staying in touch seem less threatening and in some ways easier for development officers. This is another example of where creating a group on Facebook can spark social reunion opportunities as well as gather individuals to stay in touch and share current experiences and past memories. If an institution has a group for perspective students, and for alumni, it may seem logical to combine to two. Depending on the schools needs, it may provide an opportunity for former students to share experiences from their time at the institution and their stories about what they’ve accomplished since then. These personal stories may be powerful tools for recruiting students. Although, it may simply be something that could be copied and pasted from the alumni group to illustrate “success stories.” Alumni offices have also taken hold of blogs to keep alumni posted to institution news and events. An example of this is the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) alumni blog. RIT used a variety of digital media technologies and online social utilities to host a physical and virtual homecoming event in 2008.