Professors at Iowa State University (ISU) examined the potential of using Facebook for classroom discussions and announcements, comparing it to WebCT (Schroeder & Greenbowe 2009). The Chemistry department wanted to use the Group function on Facebook to get students engaged in their Organic Chemistry Laboratory. The course used WebCT and offered the Facebook group to any of the students who wanted to join. The Facebook group attracted 41% of the students in the course and yet the discussion postings in the Facebook group was nearly 400% greater than on WebCT. The professors felt the students in the Facebook group benefitted greatly from the discussions that took place, and the rate of responses indicated a comfort with using Facebook. However, the professors did not examine why 59% of the class chose not to join the Facebook group. What does this say about the potential of Facebook to serve as a course management system? Simply put, the potential is there, but each case should be taken as a unique experience because it will vary with each group of students. Similarly, keep in mind, as previously stated, not all digital natives will be digitally literate, and they do not all use the same technologies and online social utilities equally.