For a short introduction to wikis, take a look at leelefever’s video on YouTube, Wikis in Plain English, produced by commoncraft, Inc. The goal of wikis is to allow for easier collaboration on projects. An example of a wiki is this project itself. By providing the foundation in terms of content and basic structure, this wiki hopes to open the door to collaboration with faculty and staff from all areas of higher education. How else can wikis be used? As colleges move towards being Green, opportunities for interesting use of online social technologies are popping up. One example is to put your syllabus online. Dr. David Wiley placed his syllabus for the course, New Media, Social Media, and Learning syllabus online via wiki. What is the benefit? Not only is it easy to update and change the week-to-week schedule, it also saves paper waste by not printing it out. Additionally, it provides an online resource for other educators interested in both the course and the use of a wiki for publishing a syllabus.